Chinese tracks, Asian Civilizations MA

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After initial approval by the Graduate College, an applicant's file is considered by the faculty in the Chinese area of the Department. Students may be admitted directly to the MA program or encouraged to do further work before proceeding with graduate studies. The decision to admit a student to the program will be based upon an evaluation of all requested materials provided. Incomplete files will not be considered, and no action will be taken until all information as requested on the sheet enclosed with the information packet has been received.

  • TOEFL score of 590 (or 98 on the iBT) or above (for foreign students only). [To be considered for a TAship TOEFL score must be at least 600/100.]
  • Students applying to the Program in Chinese must indicate in which of the tracks they intend to concentrate:

Chinese Literature and Culture track
Teaching Chinese as a Second Language track
Interdisciplinary track

  • Chinese language proficiency equivalent to Third Year Chinese as determined by examination for the Chinese Literature and Linguistics tracks. BA in Chinese Language and Literature or the equivalent is required for the Teaching Chinese as a Second Language track. All international applicants must take the TOEFL TWE (Test of Written English) and the TOEFL TSE (Test of Spoken English). In addition, all applicants must submit a 10-minute speaking sample for both Chinese and English and an essay in response to specific questions indicated in the application instructions. Students may not count any modern language courses (first through third year) toward the 30 s.h. required for the MA degree.
  • Students will be assigned an advisor at the beginning of their first semester on campus. By the end of the first semester in residence, each student, in consultation with his or her advisor, proposes a plan of study for the degree. This plan of study and any subsequent changes in the plan must be approved by the student's advisor and the Chair of the Department. Students selecting the thesis option should establish a thesis committee of three faculty members (including the thesis supervisor) by the end of the first year in residence. Upper-level courses originating in other departments and cross-listed with the Department of Asian Languages and Literature may be used to fulfill requirements for the MA degree, with the approval of the student's advisor. In certain instances, courses not cross-listed with the Department may be included in the student's plan of study, subject to the advisor's approval.
  • Students awarded Chinese language Teaching Assistantships must take CHIN:7402, "Teaching Chinese as a Second Language II: Curriculum and Methodology" AND CHIN:7403, "Teaching Chinese as a Second Language III: Instruction and Practicum."