Japanese Studies

To earn an MA in Japanese Studies,

  • Students must take ten courses (30 s.h.) from the following list or other appropriate coursework, subject to an advisor's approval.
  • Students must take a minimum of three semester hours in three different departments.
  • No more than 6 s.h. of language courses can be counted towards the degree.
  • Students must take a minimum of 9 credit hours of graduate level coursework. Independent studies, except for 113:183, do not count towards the 9 hours.

A. Literature:

  • 39J:251 Readings in Modern Japanese
  • 39J:245 Seminar in Japanese Literature (Untold Horrors: Trauma and Memory in Modern Japan)
  • 39:161 Insurgency & Globalization of Discontent
  • 39J:142 Modern Japanese Fiction in Translation (Japanarchy)
  • 39J:143 Topics in Japanese Lit in Translation (Postwar Family Fictions)
  • 39J:144 Major Authors in Modern Japanese Lit (Alternates Short Fiction and Long Fiction)

B. Linguistics:

  • 39J:103 Language in Japanese Society
  • 39J:124 Introduction to Japanese Linguistics
  • 39J:129 Japan: Culture and Communications
  • 39J:200 Japanese linguistics
  • 039:207 Sociolinguistics
  • 39J:239 Special Topics in Japanese Linguistics

C. History:

  • 39J:172 Japan: Age of Samurai
  • 39J:173 Modern Japanese History
  • 39J:175 Japan–U.S. Relations
  • 39J:257 Graduate Readings Japanese History

D. Religion:

  • 39J:109 Japanese Religion and Thought
  • 039:156 The Karma of Words
  • 39J:187 Monks, Merchants, Samurai
  • 39J:234 Seminar: Japanese Religions
  • 032:237 Seminar: East Asian Religion*
  • 032:265 Readings in Asian Religions*

*Note: If students take 032:237 or 032:265 for the MA, their reading/writing in the course must be related primarily to Japan.

E. Anthropology:

  • 39J:125 Japanese Society and Culture
  • 113:183 Independent Study

F. Arts:

  • 39J:123 Japanese Painting
  • 39J:156 Japanese Art and Culture

G. Language:

  • 39J:119 & 39J:120 Classical Japanese: First Semester and Second Semesters
  • 39J:121 & 39J:122 Fourth Year Japanese: First and Second Semesters
  • 39J:131 & 39J:132 Fifth Year Japanese: First and Second Semesters

Exit Requirements for Japanese Studies Track 
Students must have completed third-year Japanese (or demonstrate a comparable or greater level of proficiency) in order to earn the MA. No degree credit toward the MA will be given for first- through third-year language study. Up to 6 s.h. of advanced language study will count towards the MA.

  • Thesis Option
    Students who have a GPA of 3.5 (out of 4.0) or above at the end of the second semester on campus are eligible for the thesis option. The student has to decide on a topic, identify an advisor, and acquire language proficiency and the necessary skills by the end of the first year of graduate study.
  • Seminar Paper Option
    Students must submit two finished papers written for graduate courses to members of the MA committee sufficiently early for the committee to read and evaluate the papers before the end of the final semester on campus.