Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language

A. Core Courses: (15 s.h.) Students must take all of the courses in this category.

  • 39J:200 Japanese Linguistics
  • 39J:202 Japanese as a Foreign Language: Practical Applications
  • 103:100 Introduction to Linguistics
  • 39J:201/164:201 Second Language Acquisition Theory I
  • 07P:143 Introduction to Statistical Methods

B. Elective Courses in Asian Languages & Literature: Students must take a minimum of three courses (9 s.h.) at the 200-level or higher in Japanese pedagogy, linguistics, or related courses taught by the faculty in the department. Those who choose to work on a thesis must take one course and at least 3 s.h. of MA Thesis (039:291 or 039:292).

  • 39J:203/164:221 Advanced Japanese Pedagogy
  • 39J:239/164:228 Special Topics in Japanese Linguistics
  • 39J:258/164:224 Second Language Acquisition of Japanese
  • 39J:215 Individual Japanese for Advanced Studies
  • 039:205/164:205 Analysis of First and Second Language Data
  • 039:207/164:207 Sociolinguistics
  • 039:291 or 039:292 MA Thesis

C. Elective Courses in Linguistics/Foreign Language Education: All students must take two courses (6 s.h.) from the following list or other appropriate coursework, subject to an advisor's approval.

  • 164:202 Second Language Acquisition Research and Theory II
  • 164:221 Topics in SLA: Speaking
  • 164:222 Topics in SLA: Listening
  • 164:225 Topics in SLA: Reading
  • 164:227 Topics in SLA: Writing
  • 164:229 Cultural Curriculum
  • 164:226/07S:207 Reading in the Non-Roman Scripts
  • 003:117 Psychology of Language
  • 031:122 Language Development
  • 031:131 Cognitive Science
  • 031:214 Processes of Language Acquisition
  • 003:110 Articulatory and Acoustic Phonetics
  • 103:173 Generative Second Language Acquisition
  • 103:201 Introduction to Syntax
  • 103:203 Introduction to Phonology
  • 103:218 Psycholinguistics
  • 07E:183/07S:183 Second Language Classroom Learning
  • 07S:197 Principles of Course Design for Language Instruction
  • 07S:200 Fundamentals of Second Language Assessment
  • 07S:180 Issues in Foreign Language Education
  • 07S:202 Second Language Program Management
  • 07S:203 Second Language Planning in Education
  • 07S:208 Designing Materials for Second Language Instruction
  • 07P:150 Introduction to Educational Measurement
  • 07P:200 Educational Psychology
  • 07P:205 Design of Instruction
  • 07P:243 Intermediate Statistical Methods
  • 07P:244 Correlation and Regression
  • 07P:246 Design of Experiments
  • 07P:247 Nonparametric Statistical Methods

Exit Requirements for the Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language Track
Students must complete one of the options below to receive their degrees:

  • Thesis
    Students who have a GPA of 3.75 (out of 4.0) or above at the end of the second semester of coursework are eligible for the thesis option instead of the comprehensive exam. Those who intend to pursue an advanced degree are encouraged to write a thesis. A thesis must be a research-oriented project. Material development cannot count for a thesis.
  • Comprehensive Examination
    Students who do not write a thesis must pass a comprehensive exam to receive the MA degree. The exam will cover the following subjects: Japanese pedagogy, structure of Japanese, as well as one topic selected by the student from the courses in the "Elective Courses in Asian Languages and Literature" category above. Students may choose to write a research paper for this area instead of taking an exam, subject to the advisor's approval.