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JUHE Supplement

JUHE supplement 居荷副刊 is an annual magazine dedicated to the publication of fine Chinese essays written by learners of Chinese as a foreign language for the purpose of promoting Chinese study in North America. It provides a venue for learners to practice their penmanship and to share their ideas, inspirations, and successes in their Chinese learning.

We sincerely thank the Chinese Students & Scholars Association of the University of Iowa for its support to JUHE SUPPLEMENT, which has made this publication available to our Chinese learners.

Collection of Student Chinese Essays(中文学生作文选)

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Submitting Essays to JUHE Supplement
We welcome students of Chinese nationwide to submit their writings. We accept manuscripts anytime during the year. A sample copy of JUHE SUPPLEMENT might be available upon request. All submissions should be sent electronically. Upon receipt, the principal author will receive notification of receipt of the manuscript. Once the manuscript is accepted for publication, the contributor(s) will receive two complimentary copies of the magazine.

Please include contact information in your submission and send your manuscript to: juhe.supplement@gmail.com .