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High speed train in Japan

Students who are interested in learning more about study abroad programs in Japan, please plan to attend a DISCOVER STUDY ABROAD session at International Programs. For session times and more information, see

After completing a DISCOVER STUDY ABROAD session, please contact Ana Jimenez to learn more. You may schedule an appointment through MyUI or the Study Abroad Front Desk

Students who are preparing to depart for study abroad, please schedule an appointment with Professor Yumiko Nishi to discuss course registration and other details.

Students who are returning from study abroad, please schedule an appointment with Professor Yumiko Nishi to process UI credit for courses completed that you would like to have counted towards your Japanese major or minor.

Note: If you plan to continue studying Japanese language at the University of Iowa and/or would like to transfer credits to fulfill language course requirements (GE or major/minor), you need to take a Japanese language placement test before contacting Professor Nishi. When you have received your score, please report it to Professor Yumiko Nishi.

For more information about study abroad programs available through the UI, visit International Programs Study Abroad


UI Exchange Programs – Semester or Academic Year

Kanda University of International Studies Exchange, Chiba

Nagoya University of Foreign Studies


Recommended Summer Programs

Summer Courses in Japanese: International Christian University Mitaka, Tokyo

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Beppu

CET Academic Programs: Intensive Japanese Language & Culture Studies in Osaka

Hokkaido International Foundation

Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies, Kyoto (Columbia University)