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Korean Dictionaries

Either a Korean-English or an English-Korean dictionary will be helpful for your learning Korean. Compact-sized dictionaries work very well for first- and second-year Korean courses. Recommended dictionaries are:

Minjung's Pocket English-Korean & Korean-English Dictionary 
American Ed. (2003) 
ISBN: 0930878027 

Dong-A Metro English-Korean & Korean-English Dictionary
Dusan Dong-A (2003)
ISBN: 8900070134

Si-sa Elite English-Korean & Korean-English Dictionary 
Si-sa Yong-osa (2004)
ISBN: 8917050905

There are also several online Korean-English dictionaries. Recommended websites are:

Yahoo Korean-English Dictionary
Naver Korean-English Dictionary 

Useful Online Resources for Korean Culture & Life in Korea

It is important to understand Korean culture and history in order to successfully communicate with native speakers of Korean. Also, learning about Korean culture helps to expand your experience and knowledge through your exposure to different cultures. Currently, Korean pop culture—including K-pop music, TV dramas, and movies—is gaining popularity throughout the world. Here are some useful websites to help you better understand Korean culture and enjoy cultural contents related to Korean Wave.

Recommended websites about Korean culture:

  • Ariang TV — English broadcasting television station; airs news, TV shows, and other programs
  • MBC — Moonhwa Broadcasting Company; airs news, TV shows, and other programs
  • EBS — Educational Broadcasting System
  • Hankyoreh — Korean newspaper (English versions also available)
  • Korea Tourism Organization — Introduces Korea's tourist sites and cultural events across the country