Why Study South Asian Languages and Literatures at Iowa?

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Diwali, festival of lights

South Asian Language Courses

Browse available language and culture courses available for students.

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Diwali, festival of lights

Cultural Activities and Events

Find celebrations, activities, exhibitions, and other events to connect with and enhance social development with members of the community.

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Diwali, festival of lights

Language and Culture Resources

As a means of communicating values, beliefs and customs, language has an important social function and fosters feelings of group identity and solidarity. It is the means by which culture and its traditions and shared values may be conveyed and preserved.

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Diwali, festival of lights

Study Abroad

The program encourages students to study abroad to develop their linguistic and intercultural competencies. The University has several opportunities to select from.

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Diwali, festival of lights

Student and Alumni Voices

Hear testimonials directly from the students and alumni of the program.


Faculty Specializing in this Area

Aniruddha Dutta, Ph.D.

Coordinator, South Asian Studies Program
Associate Professor, Asian and Slavic Languages and Literatures
Associate Professor, Gender, Women’s and Sexuality Studies