Kendall Heitzman

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Kendall Heitzman
Associate Professor
657 PH
Office Hours:
F 3:00-5:00

PhD, Yale University, East Asian Languages and Literatures
AM, Dartmouth College, Comparative Literature
MA, The Johns Hopkins University, The Writing Seminars
BSSP, Northwestern University, Theater and English

Research Interests:
I am working on a book about the postwar writer Yasuoka Shotaro (1920-2013) and the writer's relationship to history in all of its guises: as an academic discipline, as family history, as collective experience and collective memory, etc.  I am interested in 1950s and 1960s Japanese literature and film, war literature in general, memory studies, and what I call second-generation war narratives--the vast body of written and visual texts that continue to be produced in surprising numbers even today by people with no direct memory of World War II or the early postwar period.

I have secondary interests in translation and translation theory, Japanese film (with a particular fondness for postwar melodramas and research interests in Kurosawa Kiyoshi and contemporary horror films) and Japanese theater (with a particular interest in the history and practice of kyōgen, a traditional comic form).

Postdoctoral Fellowship, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), 2014-15, for research at Waseda University in Tokyo

Courses Taught:
I teach courses in Japanese literature, culture, film, theater, and translation.

Courses taught every year:
JPNS:1506  (039:020)     Asian Humanities: Japan (3 s.h.)
JPNS:3201  (39J:130)     Workshop in Japanese Literary Translation (3 s.h.)

Courses taught every other year:
JPNS:3203  (39J:142)     Modern Japanese Fiction in Translation (3 s.h.)
JPNS:3205  (39J:144)     Major Authors in Modern Japanese Literature (3 s.h.)
JPNS:3208  (39J:147)     Introduction to Japanese Film (3 s.h.)
JPNS:3210  (39J:150)     Japanese Theater (3 s.h.)