Sang-Seok Yoon

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Sang-Seok Yoon
Assistant Professor
Korean Program Coordinator
669 PH

Academic Background

            Ph.D., Korean Linguistics, University of Hawai‘i

            M.A., Korean Linguistics, University of Hawai‘i

            B.A., Linguistics, Korea University, Seoul, Korea


            First Year Korean: First Semester (039:040)

            First Year Korean: Second Semester (039:041)

            Second Year Korean: First Semester (039:042)

            Second Year Korean: Second Semester (039:043)

            Third Year Korean: First Semester (039:150)

            Third Year Korean: Second Semester (039:151)

            Korean Language in Culture and Society (039:135)

            Selected Readings in Korean (039:174)

Research Interests

Socio-linguistics, pragmatics, Teaching Korean as a foreign/second language

Recent Publictations

Yoon, S-S. (in press). Korean Honorifics beyond Politeness Markers: Change of Footing through Shifting of Speech Style. In M. Terkourafi (Ed.) Interdisciplinary Approaches to Im/politeness. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company.

Yoon, S-S. (2013). Interactive Nature of the Korean Honorific Marker –yo. In Sung-Ok Sohn et al., (Eds.) Prof. Ho-min Sohn’s Festschrift. 204-219. Seoul: Korea University Press.

Yoon, S-S. (2013). Asian ESL Students’ Request and Apology Speech Acts in Email Discourse. Language Information. Vol 16. 65-87.

Yoon, S-S. & Lee, D-E. (2012). Social Contexts of the Deferential Style of Korean. Journal of Korean Language Education 23-4.

Yoon, S-S. & Lee, D-E. (2012). An Analysis of Multicultural Family Conversations at Korean Homes-Discursive Construction of Parents’ Identity as Home Educators. Korean Linguistics 56, 149-181.

Yoon, S-S. (2012). Discourse Functions of Non-honorific Speech Styles in Korean Television Talk Show Conversations. Harvard Studies in Korean Linguistics XIV.169-181.

Yoon, S-S. & Lee, D-E. (2011). Request and Apology Speech Acts in Email Discourse of KFL/KSL students. The Journal of Studies in Language 27(1). 117-145.

Yoon, S-S. (2011). Cross-sectional Analysis of KFL Students’ Requests and Refusals. Language Information 12. 223-248.

Yoon, S-S. & Kim, H-S. (2009). Grammaticalization of Korean Connective –ni and –nikka and the Role of kka. Language Information 10. 45-71.