Sang-Seok Yoon

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Sang-Seok Yoon
Associate Professor of Instruction
Korean Program Coordinator
669 PH
Office Hours:
Wed/Th 12:30-2:00pm
email for Zoom link

Academic Background

            Ph.D., Korean Linguistics, University of Hawai‘i

            M.A., Korean Linguistics, University of Hawai‘i

            B.A., Linguistics, Korea University, Seoul, Korea


            First Year Korean: First Semester (039:040)

            First Year Korean: Second Semester (039:041)

            Second Year Korean: First Semester (039:042)

            Second Year Korean: Second Semester (039:043)

            Third Year Korean: First Semester (039:150)

            Third Year Korean: Second Semester (039:151)

            Korean Language in Culture and Society (039:135)

            Selected Readings in Korean (039:174)

Research Interests

Socio-linguistics, pragmatics, Teaching Korean as a foreign/second language

Recent Publictations

Yoon, S-S. (in press). Korean Honorifics beyond Politeness Markers: Change of Footing through Shifting of Speech Style. In M. Terkourafi (Ed.) Interdisciplinary Approaches to Im/politeness. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company.

Yoon, S-S. (2013). Interactive Nature of the Korean Honorific Marker –yo. In Sung-Ok Sohn et al., (Eds.) Prof. Ho-min Sohn’s Festschrift. 204-219. Seoul: Korea University Press.

Yoon, S-S. (2013). Asian ESL Students’ Request and Apology Speech Acts in Email Discourse. Language Information. Vol 16. 65-87.

Yoon, S-S. & Lee, D-E. (2012). Social Contexts of the Deferential Style of Korean. Journal of Korean Language Education 23-4.

Yoon, S-S. & Lee, D-E. (2012). An Analysis of Multicultural Family Conversations at Korean Homes-Discursive Construction of Parents’ Identity as Home Educators. Korean Linguistics 56, 149-181.

Yoon, S-S. (2012). Discourse Functions of Non-honorific Speech Styles in Korean Television Talk Show Conversations. Harvard Studies in Korean Linguistics XIV.169-181.

Yoon, S-S. & Lee, D-E. (2011). Request and Apology Speech Acts in Email Discourse of KFL/KSL students. The Journal of Studies in Language 27(1). 117-145.

Yoon, S-S. (2011). Cross-sectional Analysis of KFL Students’ Requests and Refusals. Language Information 12. 223-248.

Yoon, S-S. & Kim, H-S. (2009). Grammaticalization of Korean Connective –ni and –nikka and the Role of kka. Language Information 10. 45-71.