Yumiko Nishi

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Yumiko Nishi
Associate Professor
ASLL DUS, Japanese Program Coordinator
663 PH
Office Hours:
MW 1:30-3:00 and by appointment
email for Zoom link

Affiliated Faculty of the FLARE/SLA PhD Program


PhD   Cornell University, Linguistics with a minor in Cognitive Studies
MA    Cornell University, Linguistics
MA    Ochanomizu University, Japanese Pedagogy
BA     Japan Women’s University, Japanese Linguistics

Research Interests:

Her primary research areas have been verb semantics and the second language acquisition of aspect. She is particularly interested in discovering how learners’ semantic representations of verbs in L1 affect the learning of verb semantics in L2, and how this interacts with the acquisition of aspectual morphology in L2. In most of her projects, she pursues a cross-linguistic approach in order to explore how underlying universal patterns are manifested in the process of language acquisition/development, or in the representation of languages, as well as to identify cross-linguistic variations and their significance. She also investigates how these findings can be applied to language pedagogy, in particular, the teaching of Japanese as a second/foreign language.

Courses Taught:

Linguistics and SLA:
JPNS:3128  Introduction to Japanese Linguistics
JPNS:3401  Language in Japanese Society
JPNS:3402  Japan: Culture and Communication
SLA:6901  Second Language Acquisition Research and Theory

JPNS:3500  Japanese for Professional Purposes I
JPNS:3501  Japanese for Professional Purposes II